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High Speed Luminance Analyzer

iXMS-0400 Series, iXLA-0400 series

De-mura IP

iXC-93xx series

De-mura Equipment for Mass Production


High Speed Luminance Analyzer

iXMS-0400, iXLA-0400 Series

High Speed Luminance Analyzer

Outline of product
  • Analyzing equipment for measuring display characteristics of whole panel and analyzing by pixel with equipping high resolution camera, picture signal generator and capturing/analyzing control system.
  • For medium/small panel, it comes with dark box (mobile frame). For large panel, it comes with tripod for supporting camera in dark environment.
Feature of the product
Measuring whole screen luminance characteristics in short time.

Capturing luminance characteristics of all pixels in one time for each color and each level.

Measuring whole screen

Viewing L-V characteristics of each pixel.

L-V characteristics of any pub-pixel at the cursor can be displayed.

Viewing L-V

Various statistic analysis of measured data

Various type of statistic analysis including horizontal/vertical mean luminance or histogram.

measured data

Lineup of products
Type Applicable size
of panel
Pieces of Lens Dark Box for
medium/small panel
iXMS-0401 Any Size
w/ Enlarge Lens
Include Include
iXMS-0402 ~8inch Include Include
iXMS-0403 ~10.4inch Include Include
iXMS-0404 For Large Panel No Include
iXLA-0401 Any Size
w/ Enlarge Lens
Include No
iXLA-0402 ~8inch Include No
iXLA-0403 ~10.4inch Include No
iXLA-0404 For Large Panel No No
De-mura IP

In order to apply de-mura function with customer’s panel, de-mura IP must be integrated into a semiconductor of customer’s system.

List of De-mura IP

List of De-mura IP1

List of De-mura IP2

De-mura equipment for mass-production

This explains the De-mura equipment including mura compensating software for OLED or LCD panel in mass production line. Actual equipment specification or design will be consulted with customer depending upon actual mass production line condition.

Example of De-mura equipment for mass-production line
De-mura equipment for mass-production line

Manufactured by
Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

To be updated

Software for De-mura in mass production line

Embedded De-mura software in production equipment will be customized depending upon customer’s system.

  • iXMS-0501-S01
    De-mura software for mobile phone AMOLED Panel






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